Cycling Clothing For The Summer

Cycling in summer can be an uncomfortable experience. The scorching temperatures will become unbearable, so it is essential to get prepared first. Despite proper hydration, it’s best to wear special cycling clothing. The clothing is made of specially designed materials that cool your body and prevent it from overheating. Also, they will let the sweat evaporate quickly for a comfortable ride. If you are new to summer cycling, we have some valuable tips for choosing the best cycling clothing.

Cycling Jersey

Even though the weather is hot, it might get colder in the evening. If you are into mountain cycling, temperature shifts can get pretty drastic. Therefore, layering clothes is ideal if you deal with changing temperatures.

Layering thin clothing allows you to remove layers whenever you feel hot. Also, keep in mind that light clothing provides additional protection from rain or wind. Therefore, you need to have a basic summer cycling jersey. This garment is specially designed to enhance the airflow and keep your body cool. The light fabric with mesh is ideal for ventilation and letting the sweat evaporate quicker. The jersey will keep your body cool and dry and is the essential piece that every cyclist should have. Add a gilet to your cycling clothing essentials, and you have the bare basics. The gilet is a sleeveless vest that protects your core and is the ideal replacement for a jacket in the summer.

On the other hand, sunburns are a significant concern when cycling in the summer. The cycling jerseys are made of special materials that block the UV rays. The dangerous rays don’t penetrate the fabric and reach your skin, so they offer a layer of extra protection from sunburns. The jersey will protect the most affected areas, such as the back, sleeves, and shoulders.

Sports Bra

For women, getting a sports bra is essential. The sports bras are made of lightweight and breathable fabrics to provide support and comfort at the same time. Make sure to avoid the standard bras since they will trap moisture and keep it in contact with your skin. For the utmost comfort, make sure to pick the correct size. Although the sports bras are pretty flexible with sizing, the wrong size can make you feel uncomfortable.

Summer Helmet

Wearing a protective helmet is crucial for your safety. But it also provides protection from the direct sun rays. When the weather is too hot, you need a specially designed helmet to keep you cool. Go for summer helmets with proper ventilation to avoid excessive sweating.

Cycling Arm Sleeves

One of the things that cyclists hate most about summer is the sunburns. There is nothing worse than dealing with the pain after a long day of cycling in the sun. You can use sunscreen, but it might not provide the needed protection. Due to sweating, you will need to apply your sunscreen often. On the other hand, people with sensitive skin or prone to allergies might not be able to use sunscreen.

The cycling jersey offers protection from the UV rays. However, it will only cover specific parts of the body. If you are looking for fuller coverage, you can complement your cycling clothing with arm sleeves. The sleeves will protect your arms from the sun and prevent sunburns even if you ride for hours and hours in the summer. They are made from lightweight material with a special mesh that provides breathability and lets the sweat evaporate. The cycling arm sleeves will feel comfortable while offering an extra layer of protection against the sun’s rays.

Bib Shorts

The bib shorts are the ideal bottom clothing for summer. When you ride in a low aerodynamic position, your back might be exposed when wearing standard shorts. The bibs will make sure the shorts stay in place for a comfortable ride and are available for men and women. For enhanced comfort, it is always necessary to wear wide suspenders. They will evenly disperse the tension and allow comfort. When trying different models, take your time and make sure to choose the right size. The bib shorts should sit nicely on your thighs but also feel comfortable.

The shorts are carefully made from fabrics that provide ventilation for the most affected areas, such as the waist and hips. The garment is constructed from different panels, as each part requires either support or airflow. Most cycling shorts are Lycra, light and breathable fabric that provides utmost comfort for bikers.

One of the common questions that cyclists have is whether to wear underwear beneath their bib shorts. You don’t need to wear underwear under your bib shorts, and there are various reasons. First, the garment is specially designed to provide support in the crotch area. As we already mentioned, the construction consists of multiple panels. The panel in the crotch area consists of sturdy material that provides enough support, so there is no need to wear underwear.

On the other hand, wearing underwear can create discomfort. The seams will increase chafing, so it is better to avoid wearing them. In addition, the underwear can retain moisture as it isn’t made of special breathable materials.

Summer Socks

Cycling socks are also made of lightweight and breathable materials that increase airflow. This keeps your foot well ventilated and dry throughout the whole ride. However, it is also essential to choose the right cycling shoes for the summer. Even if you have the best socks, the shoes might not let the sweat evaporate.

Summer Cycling Shoes

Choosing the right shoes is essential for your summer cycling adventures. They should be comfortable enough but also support your feet on the pedals. On the other hand, the best shoes should provide airflow. If you tend to sweat a lot, cycling shoes made of synthetic mesh are ideal. The breathable construction will release the moisture and keep your feet dry. In addition, the sole should provide an excellent grip to prevent your feet from slipping.

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