Bike Repair Near Me

Use the interactive map on this page to find a bike repair shop near you. Our plan is to list all of the shops in the UK who repair bicycles, so every week we scrape the internet to check for newly opened businesses that can repair and service your bike.

Fix your bike repair vouchers can be used with the majority of shops but we advise you to discuss it with the repair shop first.

If you’re a bike repairer and your business is not on the list please contact us and we will add your details.

Bike Maintenance Tips

1. Once a year have your bike serviced by a qualified bicycle mechanic.
2. Try your best not to change gears while your chain is under load i.e. pedalling uphill or standing up in the saddle.
3. keep the bike chain clean and well lubricated; there are many different chain cleaning kits that can bought quite cheaply.
4. Check your bikes tyre pressure at least once every month.
5. If you know how to repair a puncture it’s good practice to carry a spare inner tube and tyre levers with you when going on long rides. Under seat saddle bags are a perfect solution for storing puncture repair kits and spare inner tubes.
6. Nuts and bolts are forever coming loose bike mudguards, kick stands and bells to name but a few of the items that will occasionally need tightening up. Keep a small selection of spanners, Allen keys and screw drivers on the bike or in your rucksack.
7. A clean bike is a mechanically healthy bike. Regular cycling in cities, towns and off-road trails throws up a lot of muck which will stick to your bikes moving parts. Give your bike a good wash at least once every couple of months.

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