UK Bike Exports on the Rise

The bike industry is booming in the UK with the exports of bikes, accessories, and parts increasing 15% in the year leading to March 2020. Exports reached a total of £173.2 million for the year.

Bike Week may have just ended, but the industry is still booming in the UK and around the world. Exports of British cycling goods increased by 15% in the year to March, a sure sign that people around the world are picking up and enjoying bicycles.

The latest figures show exports have reached a total of £173.2m, with demand for British bikes being the highest in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Brompton Bikes, one of the iconic British biking brands, has seen a lot of growth recently as commuters are using bikes to avoid traffic and stay fit during their commute.

Stephen Lotus, the CCO for Brompton Bicycle, said that their exports alone were up 30% compared to the previous year. Lotus but the growth down to the fact that more people recognize the many benefits of cycling.

The World Health Organization pushed for bikes as a way to travel without having to use public transport during the coronavirus pandemic. Since this promotion back in March, the global demand for bicycles has increased drastically, and the trend is set to continue.

Brompton is far from the only business enjoying the boom. An increase in demand for bikes leads to a rise in demand for accessories and equipment such as helmets. Dashel, a helmet manufacturer, recently struck a deal to distribute their goods in South Korea. The deal is said to be worth an estimated £380,000.

Catherine Bedford launched Dashel in 2017. Bedford worked as an accessories designer for brands like Nike and LVMH before opening Dashel, named for the Cornish word for “thistle.” Dashel focuses on creating fashionable bespoke bike helmets for urban use.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has been working with Dashel since they started trading. The DIT helped the company enter several international markets around the world, including this recent deal in South Korea. Dashel operates through a website that serves customers around the world, with goods stocked in 22 international retailers across Asia and Europe.

Dashel says demand for helmets has remained constant despite the current coronavirus pandemic. The company says that the cycling industry in the UK is booming as people adopt bikes as a healthier and more environmentally-friendly alternative to driving.

As a safety equipment manufacturer, Dashel has to stick to a lot of regulations when selling abroad. The DIT has helped them to navigate these rules and regulations, as well as set up shop in international markets.

Dashel says that they have exported over 40% of their output since launching and expect that the number will continue to increase. They have seen much interest from new markets, including France, Japan, and the USA. British biking parts and accessories are known for their durability, design, and manufacturing process, so it’s not surprising exports are on the rise.

Lena Patel
Lena Patel

I had my first taste of road bicycle racing when I was fifteen years old, now many years later I still get that magical sense of euphoria every time I prepare for a race.

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