5 Benefits of Cycling Every Day

The idea of cycling every day is daunting, but there are definitely benefits to be found by doing it. There’s no need to rack up miles of cycling each day either. By biking to work, school, or the shops, you can enjoy these great 5 benefits of cycling every day.

1. More Fun on the Commute
Don’t think you have the time to cycle each day? Why not start cycling to work? It’s easier to integrate riding a bike into your life than something like going to the gym. Even if you only spend a few minutes cycling to work, it all adds up. Spending 10 minutes riding to and from work each day adds up to 100 minutes of exercise by the end of the week. If your work commute is longer than average, then you could mix it up by biking to the train station or buying an e-bike.

Commuting to work by bike offers plenty of health benefits without the need to set time aside for exercise. Outside of being able to avoid traffic and living a healthy life, you’ll have an easier time staying in shape and fighting obesity.

2. A Sharp and Clear Mind
Biking to work gets you in the habit of choosing your bike over your car. You’ll find yourself riding to the gym or the store more often. Exercising daily reduces fatigue and boosts energy levels. Exercising for just 30 minutes is enough to stimulate creative thinking, memory, and reaction time.

Cycling is one of the most low-impact and easiest exercises there is. Cycling works wonders for the joints, reduces stress, clears the mind, and has so many other amazing benefits.

3. Boosted Confidence
The enhanced mental health benefits of cycling are sure to lead to increased confidence. Cyclists report that newfound confidence leads to more sexual desirability and increased sex drive. Men and women alike report feeling more attractive and sexual after exercising every day, with the effect more pronounced in men.

Just watch out, as it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Working out too much has been shown to reduce testosterone levels in men. Don’t push yourself too hard and focus instead on feeling and looking good.

4. Reduced Overeating
Getting regular exercise means people don’t worry so much about what they are eating. With that said, it’s not like light exercise means you can get a second portion. Rather, biking each day gives you more wiggle room in your diet. People who exercise burn off more calories and can eat more without gaining weight. Biking has also been sown to reduce the adverse effects of overeating, such as blood sugar increases and poor metabolic health.

5. Better Sleep Quality
It’s never been harder to get to sleep at night. With all the stresses of daily life and all the screens we’re plugged into, it’s a miracle people can sleep at all. Studies have shown there is a connection between cardiovascular activity – such as cycling – and better sleep at night. People who exercise and are fitter are better able to sleep at night.

The sleep benefits of biking might sound obvious to anyone who has needed to sleep off the soreness, but it’s always good to have the science to prove it.

Simon Huckabee
Simon Huckabee

Riding to work, to the shops or exploring national parks with my family on weekends I am a dedicated cyclist and environmentalist.

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